Our veneer is produced utilizing the finest modern technology.

Our customers include both dealers and manufacturers of wood veneer faces, panels, doors, furniture, cabinets, store fixtures and other architectural applications.

With quality, price and availability we accept the challenge of meeting our customers ever-changing needs

"Successful business must be mutually beneficial. We are flexible enough to achieve that goal. We strive for long term business relationships".

Mr. Dean Calhoun is well known in the veneer logging trade. Log selection is crucial to producing top quality veneer and we purchase in the best areas in North America.

Once logs are selected and transported to the veneer mill, every log is debarked and opened in the sawmill in a manner that will produce the very best grain and structure. The logs are then vatted for cooking, cleaned, precision sliced and dried to industry acceptable standards. Our veneer is available in both clipped and bundled and unclipped domestic style.

In our warehouse the veneer is professionally graded and selected to our customer's specifications using our state-of-the-art grading and measuring line.


Species of production include American white oak, red oak, walnut, maple, cherry, ash red alder, hickory, yellow pine, elm, birch and others.